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YEL at Žilina Model United Nations Conference

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YEL at Žilina: The German delegation with the German ambassador Dr. Thomas Götz

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YEL Luxemburg Conference 2015: YEL

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Belgium Conference 2015: LIFE

YEL: Young European Leaders

Young European Leaders at Žilina Model United Nations Conference
20 - 26 April 2016


After one week of exciting discussions, interesting political debating and lots of fun, the Young European Leaders (YEL) project of ERASMUS + can be regarded as a real success story. The project supervisor, Mr. Imrich Milo, called it an “unteachable experience“. He explained that everyone, from organizational team members to delegates, is part of the big ZAMUN family and plays a crucial role for the extraordinary success the participants can witness during ZAMUN every year in Žilina.

The coordinating school Gymnasium Bilingválne in Žilina (Slovakia) had invited the partner schools of the project Schildin Lukio Jyväskylä (Finland), Institution Saint Jude Armentières (France), Wittekind Gymnasium Lübbecke (Germany), Lycée Michel Rodange Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and IES Miguel Catalán, Zaragoza (Spain). As a network of funded ERASMUS PLUS schools rooted in the Europroject Education without Frontiers they all started their preparatory project work in September 2016 by establishing debating clubs at their schools at home. These clubs are aimed at Yong European leaders (YEL) to improve their communication and IT skills in thw world as a “global village”.


By the simulation of life debates at school, digital exchange via twinspace, the EU platform for the exchange of best practice and by attending nationals Model United Nations, the students enriched their political way of thinking and their communication skills in formal debating. Apart from that, their ability of negotiation, compromising and cooperation in national and multi-linguistic settings could be developed. In addition to these general objectives, the clubs of Young European Leaders deepened their political background knowledge on the major international issues in a global world, such as  climate change and terrorism as major challenges of our life.

The involved school homepages are:


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LIFE: Linking Interests For Europe

LIFE meeting at the Escola Secundária de Francisco Rodrigues Lobo in Leiria Portugal
25 April - 1 May 2016


In April 2016 the second LIFE-Conference in our Erasmus+ project was hosted in Leiria, Portugal, where students and teachers from Portugal, Belgium, Italy and Germany met. 

On April 25th the hosts in Portugal welcomed 18 students and their accompanying teachers in Leiria where the next 5 days were full of LIFE.

As in Dendermonde, Belgium, the students were introduced to marketing strategies and learned and practised in workshops how to successfully advertise a business. The group also got insight into different companies and discovered what it means to manage a production process: from the ideas and modelling to the production itself and innovative ideas to stay competetive to promoting the products. Therefore the students and teachers did not only visit the glass factory Vidrala and the juice factory Frubaca but also experts from the centre for innovation Centimfe shared their knowledge with them. The students used the last two days of the conference to create brochures of the companies and videos promoting the products in very creative ways. The results were shared in a lively presentation.

Due to the international teamwork the whole group grew together extremely fast and had wonderful days in sunny Portugal.

In November 2016 the next conference will bring students and teachers together in Imola, Italy. Again a week full of work with international groups and insight into even more new companies is awaiting the 6 students and 2 teachers from each country.

Another conference full of LIFE lies ahead.

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Latest News

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6 - 9 October 2016


The Euro team of Bundesrealgymnasium Wien 19, supported by the General Secretary, held a Network Conference. The Vienna Headteachers and Correspondents Conference took place from 06. - 09. Oct 2016.

The program of the conference covered two main topics:

      1. - Network matters, KA2 applications (news from NAs, best practices,...), finding (new) partners for a bid and presentations on YEL and LIFE.
        1. - Discussing  "Integration of refugee pupils in European School Systems"

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