Without Frontiers

Our History

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1989: Start of the network "Onderwijs grenzeloos. Education sans frontières, Education without frontiers, Unterricht ohne Grenzen" with seven schools from six countries.

1991: Opening conference in the Netherlands.

1990-1992: Seven more schools joined the network so that all the EU countries are represented from now on.

1992 - Conference in Belgium.

1993: Conference in France.

1994: Conference in Germany: Euromusical.

1995: Conference in Luxembourg: The Contribution of Minorities for the European Culture.

1996: Conference in Spain: Communication of values, with a special attention to the Way to Santiago and other pilgrimage routes.

1997: Conference in Italy: Headteachers and teachers.

1997: Conference in the UK: The media. Communication of values.

1998: Conference in Portugal: Communication of values: The Oceans.

1999: Conference in the Netherlands: GenEUrations.

2000: Conference in Denmark: Democracy.

2001 - April - May 2004: Meeting in Italy (Imola): 3 GenEURations.

2001: Greek presidency/German presidency: Discovering the Wealth of Diversity through Arts.

October 2001: Conference in Germany: Play it Again - Wittekind Gymnasium.

2003: Conference in Austria: European Identies.

2004: Conference in Italy: Sport and Sport Europe.

2005: Conference in Belgium: IDE@S or International Drama Experience at School / E@T
Winner of the Promethean e-learning award for school collaboration 2005 in Paris.

2006: Conference in Spain: Aqua. Water and Sustainability in Europe.

2007: Conference in Finland: Taiga - Forest Fair.

2008: Kick-off Conference Móricz Zsig.
LLL - ESTIA Project

April 2008: Conference in Sweden: Eco Rocks.

October 2008: Jõgeva conference.
LLL - ESTIA Project

May 2009 Conference in the Netherlands: Let the Sun Shine.
LLL - ESTIA Project.

October 2009 Wales.
IRISS Kick-off Conference in Cardiff. IRISS stands for "International Relationships Inspiring Students and Staff".

2010 Luxembourg: Moving under the rainbow: We need roots, not borders.
Conference in Esch 5 May - 9 May 2010.
IRISS Comenius Project.

2010 Austria: Head Teachers' Conference.
Conference in Vienna 30 September - 2 October 2010.
IRISS Comenius Project.

May 2011 Thessaloniki: ETHOS (Equality, Tolerance, Honesty, Open-Mindedness and Solidarity).
Conference in Greece 3 - 8 May 2011.
IRISS Comenius Project.

October 2011 Ireland: The beginning of the Comenius ETHOS project.
ETHOS Comenius Project.