Without Frontiers

Mission statement

  • All member schools within the Europroject network
    "Education without Frontiers"
    subscrive to the principles based on the
    "Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union"

  • and focus on the followling principles:
    · to promote the European dimension in education and training
    · to promote tolerance and accept diversities of the partner schools’ backgrounds with respect to religious and philosophical identities, cultures and traditions, languages and educational systems
    · to offer equal opportunities for internationalization
    · to respect and consider the students’ views to their best interest
    · to enhance the quality and efficiency of education
    The member schools have committed themselves to:
    · maintain the network of schools “Education without Frontiers” by establishing and keeping contact, planning and realizing common projects and exchanges, sending a delegation of students and teachers to the annual conference,
    · create a topic for these conferences that is of common interest for all member schools,
    · make use of the network to find partners for international projects,
    · encourage and support students’ international cooperation offered by network activities for their future benefit,
    · share innovative ideas and best practices,
    · disseminate project outcomes in order to achieve lasting sustainability,
    · contribute to a pool of ideas, bringin in every school´s expertise
    · have a contact person for the information flow,
    · financially support schools in need to participate in the annual conferences.