Without Frontiers

Message from the Steering Committee

The network “Education without Frontiers” consists of 18 secondary schools from 16 EU countries. It is a dynamic network which continually seeks to initiate new exchange projects between the participating schools. The co-operation between the schools over the past 3 decades has been very fruitful: many thousands of students have participated in valuable exchanges. Most schools have established regular exchanges and cooperation with other schools of the network. The network and its activities have greatly contributed to the expansion of the international and especially the European dimension in the schools.

The network has always been a dynamic and democratic group of schools which are equally involved and which feel equally responsible for the common objectives as described in the Charter of the network. The schools have always been successful in reaching unanimous decisions.

The annual network conference is a two days activity for students and teachers of the network schools.

In order to facilitate the annual conferences of the network, the schools can try to generate subsidies from the national agencies of the European Union.

Meet the Steering Committee

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