Without Frontiers


EON-schools want

•to develop policies and plans to provide equal educational opportunities;
•to help prevent pupils from dropping out;
•to promote the well-being for all pupils in our schools.


for the following target groups:

•those who come into our schools with social and emotional difficulties;
•those from migrant families;
•those presenting with challenging behaviours;
•those lacking motivation to succeed;
•those whose exceptional abilities are poorly catered for.



Current project: EON

Our current Comenius Project stands for Equality Opportunities Networking. We want to improve equal opportunities at our schools and to increase the well-being of especially the next students.

Students with emotional, social and behavioural problems
How can we meet the needs of children with emotional, social and behavioural problems at our schools?

Migrant problems
How can we meet the needs of minority and minority group pupils?

Highly-gifted pupils
How can we develop curricular and extra-curricular programmes to meet the challenge of providing for exceptionally gifted pupils?
How can we create opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills in our schools for youngsters of all abilities?